June 14, 2019 | Paula Hines

Top 10 Public Elementary Schools in Houston Heights


Best Houston Heights Elementary Schools

When it comes to settling down in one of Houston’s booming neighborhoods like the Heights, there are several factors to think about before making the big purchase of buying a home. Some of the most popular topics people think about when moving to Houston inside the great state of Texas is how far they would like to commute, what kind of home they would like to live in, and the biggest one that is typically asked, “Where will my kids go to school?” In order to help you find the best school for your child, we have listed the top 10 Houston Heights elementary schools with some information that will give you insight into each one.


1. Oak Forest Elementary School

Open since 1949, Oak Forest Elementary School is one of the most diverse public elementary schools in Texas. Recent standings have Oak Forest students ranked 92% proficient in Reading and 91% proficient in Math. Over 800 children attend Oak Forest where there are a ton of fun activities and events that both students and parents can enjoy year-round. Oak Forest has an overall grade of A-.


2. Harvard Elementary School

Established in 1898, Harvard is the oldest school in Houston as well as an IB school! It serves students from Pre-K through Fifth grade and was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2008. About 720 students attend Harvard and rank 88% proficient in Reading and 90% proficient in Math. Located on Harvard Street, Harvard also holds annual fundraising events, offers Gifted and Talented learning opportunities, and has a STEM Magnet Program as well for students who would like to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Harvard has an overall grade of A-.  


3. Travis Elementary School

Travis is a Vanguard Magnet school that specializes in advanced education for Gifted and Talented students and is closely located next to the 45 and I10 highways. Travis has a little over 700 students who rank 92% proficient in Reading and 90% proficient in Math. Travis is well known for being a school with one of the first gardens in HISD as well as one of the first outdoor classrooms. Travis has an overall grade of A-.  


4. Field Elementary School

Located on E 17th Street, Field Elementary opened its doors in 1929. Field Elementary is a smaller school and teaches about 500 children. Field is a largely diverse school and offers educational opportunities to those who are Gifted and Talented, as well as those who have special needs. Some of their special needs programs include PPCD, Life Skills, Resource, Inclusion, and Speech Therapy. Students at Field Elementary rank 87% proficient in Reading and 92% proficient in Math. This school has an overall grade of A-.


5. Crockett Elementary School

Crockett Elementary is a public and charter Magnet School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Crockett has a little over 500 students who take part in initiatives like healthy eating and celebratory events such as the International Dance Festival. Students at Crockett Elementary rank 83% proficient in Reading and 86% proficient in Math. This school has an overall grade of B+.


6. Sinclair Elementary School

Sinclair is a STEM and Communications-based Magnet school that opened its doors in 1959. Named after one of the founders of the Heights Hospital, Sinclair is the only elementary school in HISD who offers a technology-driven curriculum. Some of these programs with a magnet emphasis include Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering. Students at Sinclair Elementary rank 75% proficient in Reading and 79% proficient in Math. This school has an overall grade of B+.


7. Theodore Roosevelt Elementary

Home of the bears, Roosevelt Elementary School offers a number of educational opportunities, including those for students who are bilingual. Roosevelt is a diverse school serving over 720 students and is located near 610 and 45 on Fulton Street. Students at Roosevelt Elementary rank 76% proficient in Reading and 78% proficient in Math. This school has an overall grade of B.


8. Ketelsen Elementary

Named after James L. Ketelsen, a graduate from Northwestern University, Ketelsen set out to inspire youth to see school through and graduate with a college degree. Ketelsen went to the roots of the educational system in areas with high dropout rates and made some big changes as a member of the Texas Commission on Children and Youth, a member of the Texas Head Start Collaboration Task Force, a member of the State Board of Education Task Force, and chairman of the Texas 2000 State Coordinating Team. Today, over 600 students attend the public elementary school where students rank 73% proficient in Reading and 87% proficient in Math. This school has an overall grade of B-.


9. Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet

Garden Oaks is a public Magnet school with about 800 students in attendance. Home of the Eagles, Garden Oaks offers educational opportunities to those who are Gifted and Talented. This school also has a variety of activities and programs for students to be a part of like a 3D Printing Club. Students at Garden Oaks rank 73% proficient in Reading and 76% proficient in Math. This school has an overall grade of B-.


10. Memorial Elementary

Memorial Elementary is a dual-language elementary school where almost 500 students attend. Located near Washington Avenue and Shepherd Drive, Memorial Elementary was established in 1926. Students who attend Memorial rank 72% proficient in Reading and 72% proficient in Math. This school has an overall grade of B-.


Buying a New Home

We know that providing the right education and learning environment for your children is important, so we hope our list of top Houston Heights elementary schools can help you find a good school for your child. Choose the Shawn Manderscheid Team for your real estate needs; we can help walk you through the Heights and all that it has to offer with our extensive knowledge on this great neighborhood. From daily activities, eateries, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and more, we have the information you need to make your dream house into a home.