What homeowners need to consider when deciding when to move.

Are you wondering if it’s the right time to sell your home? It’s a question that often crosses our minds. Let me emphasize that the most critical aspect is determining whether it’s the right time for you and your family to make a move. Rather than trying to perfectly time the market, focus on your unique circumstances and needs.

This approach is vital because when you decide to move, it often involves both selling your current home and purchasing a new one. Regardless of whether the market slightly favors buyers or sellers, you can leverage your situation to your advantage. Therefore, my advice is always to evaluate if it’s the right time for you to move.

That said, it’s entirely reasonable to consider the current market conditions. Over the past year, we’ve seen a decrease in buying activity, accompanied by a rise in inventory. However, it’s essential to note that inventory levels are still relatively low.

Around the middle to end of 2022, the Houston housing market reached its all-time high in terms of property values. Since then, list prices have remained stable, despite the slight decrease in buyer activity and the increase in inventory. Property prices are at their highest historical levels at present.

“Prices remain stable in our current market.”

Looking ahead, I anticipate that the trend of increasing inventory will continue in the Houston market. This means that more properties are entering the market each month compared to the number of properties being sold. If this trend persists, we may eventually see an abundance of inventory and potentially a reduction in property prices.

However, it’s important to note that this isn’t the case right now. In the current market, prices remain stable. Nevertheless, in a market with a growing inventory, having a well-thought-out strategy for selling your home becomes crucial. A strategic plan is essential to stand out among the competition and ensure you fetch top dollar for your property in the shortest time possible.

As inventory continues to rise, having a solid plan will make the difference between a smooth, successful selling experience and the frustration of wondering when your house will sell. So, if you have any questions about navigating this market, please give me a call or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you.