July 12, 2019 | Paula Hines

How to Set Up Utilities in Houston For Your New Home

Setting up your utilities in Houston with these tips will ease your stress and streamline the process so you can check it off now and not have to worry about it later. There are a ton of things that need to be checked off when you move into a new home. Once you have a moment to breathe, take a second to grab your to-do list and figure out how and when you need to begin.


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Take some time to compare pricing, freebies, and level of service when searching for an energy provider in Houston, Texas. You can call or go online to check out the differences and how much they would be willing to work with you to get what you want. Houston is in a deregulated market for utilities, which means consumers get to choose whose services they prefer. Consumers also have the ability to switch if a better deal comes along.

When making a selection, you will want to use 3 different tools to ensure that you are making the best possible decision for your home.


    1. Search by zip code: You will want to either search or talk to your desired energy company and make sure that they offer their services in your neighborhood. This can save you a ton of time so that you don’t get set on one provider only to find out they can’t offer their services to your home.


    1. Listen to friends/family/neighbors: Gathering other people’s experiences and opinions about electric providers by word of mouth is a tool that some might think of as old school, but it works. It can be great to hear firsthand what people around you think, like, and dislike about their electric company. Ask important questions about what it has been like to schedule visits if needed, customer service, and of course, pricing if feel as though you have a close enough relationship to inquire.


  1. Go online: When you have compared and spoken to others, it can be a perfect time to hop online and see what the general public has to say. Take a look at online reviews and determine a proper plan so that you can ask all of the right questions before making a final decision.



When browsing energy options, decide what kind of electric plan you would like and narrow down your possibilities. Then, you may want to consider both usage and rate term. How much have you paid in the past? What did your most recent electric bill look like? This can give you a good idea of what to expect from yourself in the future. Pricing will change depending on a few factors, but by looking at previous bills, you can at least have a starting point. When thinking about your electric bill in terms of commitment, decide beforehand whether you would like to have a month to month plan, yearly plan, or longer. Finally, get all of the information you might need on hidden fees and fees for termination in case you would like to switch providers later on down the road.


Contact a Service Provider

Found just what you were looking for? Fantastic! Once you and your desired provider have come to terms on an agreement, they should be able to set up your installation and get you and your new home all set up. Finding an electric service provider can now be one more thing you can tick off of your to-do list!



Why Houston?

Moving to Houston can be exciting for so many reasons. For starters, there is so much to do, whether you are single and looking for activities to meet new people, or if you have a family and need kid-friendly options.

Houston is a fantastic place to live because it is so spread out, which offers so much more to the city as a whole. You are sure to find sweet Southern charm in places like the Heights, upscale shopping in the Galleria, local attractions in Rice Village, weekly events at Discovery Green in downtown, regular sporting events near Bellaire, and countless other attractions. The Houston area is home to many different forms of living and can offer something for everyone! 


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Houston relies on oil, gas, and energy business to keep the city going. Jobs are plentiful within these industries and require a fair amount of competitiveness to stay in rotation with consumers. With big names like Centerpoint Energy, Reliant, TXU, and Direct Energy, along with other smaller energy companies, consumers in Houston have a lot to work with and can freely compare when deciding which electric company they would like to use.

Hopefully, these guidelines can help you when setting up electricity and other utilities in your new Houston home. Get started by searching for homes with the Shawn Manderscheid Team today! With years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Houston Heights, we can help you get started on the search for your dream home. Talk to one of our Houston Heights realtors today by calling (832) 753-4242.


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