August 21, 2019 | Paula Hines

The Role of a Real Estate Agent

There are a handful of misconceptions when it comes to the job of a real estate agent. You might even find yourself asking, “What do real estate agents do?” The truth is, having a real estate agent to help guide you through your journey of buying a house can be one of the greatest tools you decide to utilize during the home buying process. Keep reading to find out why! 


Invested in the Client


When you find a great real estate agent, you discover almost immediately whether or not they seem truly invested in you. Rather than placing themselves first, a good real estate agent takes care of their clients and does what it takes to get them the best deal and terms for their home as possible. An ideal real estate agent goes the extra mile by negotiating for and representing the best interests of their clients throughout the whole process.


They Are The Guide


The bottom line is that you should be able to trust your real estate agent. Especially when facing the chaos of buying or selling a home. You want your real estate agent to create a stress-free environment for you as they help navigate you through the ups and downs of the industry.


During a real estate agent’s regular day, they might:

  • Study the market – To stay on top of their leads and prospective leads, a good real estate agent should be continuously studying the market to see what’s trending and how it can benefit or potentially cause challenges for their clients. 


  • Preview homes – An agent will want to preview a home to see if it might be a good fit for the client. During this time, they may also choose to ask questions that their client might ask so they can be better prepared when presenting the home as an option.


  • Contact brokers – An active real estate agent may reach out to brokers to find out what may be coming up and available for buyers or sellers.


  • Social network – Real estate agents need connections to be able to reach out and get in touch with the buyer/seller market. This means happy hours, parties, networking events, and galas are going to be at the top of their list when expecting to meet people in person and make meaningful connections.


  • Connect with the community – A real estate agent might be involved with the community in other ways outside of networking. For example, they might take part in volunteering or races for a cause. 


  • Online presence – Social media has become a necessary tool for real estate agents to help them get their name out there and showcase all of their strengths to potential buyers and sellers. One might use social media to showcase a home in real-time, discuss home buying or selling tips, post the latest listings available, reach out to potential clients, and advertise their services.


Seller vs. buyer interaction


A real estate agent will want to have a face-to-face meeting with their clients. An in-person meeting is an optimal time to discuss what is expected out of the deal at hand. This would also be the perfect time for an agent to display their knowledge of the industry and openly discuss what can reasonably be accomplished. 


With a buyer, the agent will want to help their clients secure a mortgage and draft up an agreement. An agent will also help you negotiate to get you the best price on the market, including counter-offers if needed. Moving forward throughout the home buying process, an agent will stay in constant communication with the seller or the seller’s agent to see that the entire transaction runs smoothly, all the way up to giving the new owners the keys.


When it comes to someone interested in selling their home, they will want to choose an agent who will handle making calls to vendors in case repairs are needed. Agreed upon repairs help better ensure the buyer will go through with their purchase. Finally, a real estate agent for a buyer will want to do whatever is necessary to get the word on the market about the available property. This usually includes showings and advertising.


The Little Things


Nobody enjoys paperwork, but someone needs to do it to maintain a business. An invested real estate agent will carve out some time to file the necessary paperwork needed to deal with the process of buying and selling a home. They will need to stay on top of things and remain organized, as the process can be long and exhausting. Again, client satisfaction comes first! What follows is a ton of responsibility for a well-respected real estate agent looking to please their clients.


About Us


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