March 18, 2019 | Paula Hines

Why You Should Invest in the Houston Heights Real Estate Market

The Houston Heights offers a unique neighborhood experience unlike any other. With a myriad of unique shops, delicious restaurants, and a nightlife that simply can’t be beaten, it’s no wonder that people from all over the country are flocking to be a part of this trendy neighborhood, eyeing homes for sale. Our team at Shawn Manderscheid are expert Houston Heights realtors, and are happy to walk you through what makes the Houston Heights real estate market one of the best places to invest in!


Delicious Food

As previously mentioned, the Heights is famous for its delicious food options. Houston is a diverse city, and this diversity is especially exemplified in all of the unique and delicious restaurants and coffee shops that are scattered about. The Heights has some of the most centralized and mouth-watering options available. For more information, check out our previous blog post on the best Houston Heights restaurants.


Incredible Nightlife

Ready for a night on the town? The Houston Heights offers some of the best spots in town for drinks and dancing, no matter what your scene is. From craft breweries to clubs, there is something here for everyone, and near any Heights homes you may wish to move to!



The Houston Heights is ranked among the “Most Walkable Houston Neighborhoods,” so getting around on foot is easier than ever! Due to the historic nature of this neighborhood, many shops, restaurants, bars, and other destinations are grouped closely together, allowing you to easily meander from one spot to the next. Along with accessibility, this gives the Heights a fun, urban feel that is lacking elsewhere in Houston.


Centrally Located

Getting around the Heights is easy, and so is navigation outside of it! If you wish to explore other neighborhoods in Houston, you are only a short car ride away from downtown, the Medical Center, the Galleria, and all of Houston’s major highways.


The Great Outdoors

While it provides a fun urban feel, the Heights also has beautiful greenery. Trails such as the Heights Hike and Bike Trail and White Oak Bayou Trail reside in this neighborhood, and allow individuals of all ages to enjoy the great outdoors (when weather permits, of course.)


Fantastic Schools

Are you moving with your family? Harvard Elementary School is a top-ranked Houston school, outperforming even areas such as Memorial and Sugar Land. You can rest assured that your children will be receiving the best education possible as you enjoy everything else that the Heights have to offer.


Historic Flair

Part of what makes homes for sale so desirable in this area is the historic nature of the Heights. This neighborhood has a long and storied past, and when you move here, you are able to join this beautiful tradition.

Our real estate agents at Shawn Manderscheid are excited to introduce you to the Houston Heights real estate market. Get in touch with us today and find your new home in the Heights.