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The Shawn Manderscheid Team Career Opportunities

The Shawn Manderscheid Team (SMT) is always looking to grow and succeed through others. We are a highly driven group of individuals all looking to fund the perfect life through the opportunities being created at SMT. While our inter-team accountability is fierce and our standards are sky-high, we are also a family that works hard together while also having fun together.

SMT’s leadership strives to ensure we provide the coaching, systems, accountability, resources and environment to help EVERY team member achieve their “why’s”. This guides every decision we make at every turn, as it’s our duty and obligation to be the vehicle for our people’s success.

Leading SMT are Shawn Manderscheid and Paula Hines. Shawn is a fourth generation Houstonian licensed in 1998 and his experience is a huge asset in training and teaching team members. Paula is also a native Houstonian who’s systems and analytical skills are an invaluable addition to the team. Both are dedicated to helping team members grow personally and professionally.

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