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Our house was sold as a vacant house. After we moved out, we traveled aboard and left the house to Shawn. He hired five groups of contractors to take care of our house including painting, granite, stucco, landscaping and cleaning. He not only gave very professional suggestions to the contractors on what to fix, but also watched closely on the work quality and progress. We were very satisfied with the contractors’ work. We cannot imagine how we could handle our house without Shawn’s help, especially when we were out of town. After the house was ready for listing, Shawn suggested a price for our house based on the market information and his experience. Shawn was honest to us that the price was normal but slightly on the high side. Our house gained lots of traffic; unfortunately we didn’t win any offer in two weeks. Shawn then suggested us to reduce the listing price with around 1.5%. Honestly, we were a little bit unhappy about this suggestion because, afterall, it had been only two weeks, and we didn’t even have the chance to make an open house session yet due to the rain. But we decided to trust Shawn’s profession and eventually followed his suggestion. Guess what? We got an offer 2 days later and made the deal after only one round of negotiation. After the deal got closed, we asked the buyer how the price reducing impacted on their offer. They said that they wouldn’t even notice our house if the price was not reduced. But since we had already reduced the price, they decided not to be tough during negotiation. We would give all of the credits and also our appreciation to Shawn. We certainly would not be able to sell our house so smoothly if he didn’t make the timely suggestion on the price reducing. Knowing “when to do what” to maximize his client’s interest is exactly Shawn’s profession, which we really appreciate and certainly will recommend those people who are going to sell or buy house to have an experience.

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