R Kim

I think the difference between Shawn and other realtors is that he is really passionate about his work and goes the extra mile for his clients. That’s certainly how I felt at the end of my home sale process. In preparing the home, he was able to recommend areas to consider investing in and was willing to solicit multiple bids from different vendors when work was necessary. When contractors were working, he was onsite to ensure the job was being done properly. Shawn wasn’t even above running to the hardware store himself to replace light bulbs that were missing or didn’t quite match with the others. It really gave me piece of mind to know that he was looking at my home the way I would as an Owner and I appreciated his attention to detail. Shawn is very knowledgeable about the industry and local market dynamics and is able to articulate clear home selling strategies and the logic behind them. I appreciate the fact that he is very transparent about everything he does and takes the time to thoroughly answer any questions I had. In a city that is saturated with realtors, Shawn truly stands out as consummate real estate professional and I feel lucky to have worked with him. I would highly recommend him to others looking to sell or buy a home.

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